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We have launched a new, exclusive and personalized Judaism program study online, designed for Jewish people

Alguna vez ¿te has dado la oportunidad de aprender sobre tu propia esencia, tus raíces

La búsqueda de significado en nuestra realidad es hoy más que nunca necesaria.

Todos queremos tranquilidad, sabiduría, conocimiento a través de la experiencia, y todo hecho con disfrute.

The search for meaning in our reality is necessary today more than ever. We all want tranquility, wisdom, knowledge through experience, and all done with enjoyment. How much are we willing to search in order to find? Do we settle for copying the customs of others or do we want to be genuine?

Have you ever given yourself the opportunity to learn about your own essence, your roots? Perhaps you have wondered why you have come to the world as a Jew? Do you know what Judaism is? You may have preconceptions because things you have heard from others. But have you searched for yourself? Have you been curious to know the why of Jewish customs and their meaning?

We often look outside for something that we already have inside of us and that we don't know about. Perhaps now is the time to learn and discover the beauty of Judaism!

There are moments in life when we have a void and we don't know how to fill it... nothing satisfies it. Why? Because the need of the soul cannot be filled with superficial material. Do you know the soul? Do you know what it likes? What gives it satisfaction, pleasure and meaning? We were born Jewish but we were not taught what it means to be Jewish.

Our ancient Jewish wisdom teaches us that there is only one way to fill the void in the Jewish soul: Judaism.

Sometimes we get confused and think that being Jewish and doing so many things is complicated and heavy, or even old-fashioned, or we think that it belongs to past generations. But it is the opposite, when the true meaning of being Jewish is recognized and learned, life becomes positive, much easier and full of joy and happiness, influencing us and our environment immediately.

Authentic inner peace for the Jewish soul is achieved only with Judaism.

What would you like to study with us?

How does it work?

The Alef Bet Yahadut group of teachers will accompany you personally on this exciting trip


A complete index of topics of Jewish content so that you can choose which one you want to know in depth.


Along with practice-based learning.


Can be in groups, made up of your family, friends, or individual.

varied and enjoyable

You can choose the teachers and the topics.


All comfortably from your home.


Hebrew, English, Spanish, Portuguese or French.